Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]
Thanks to the Internet, marketing has evolved over the years. Consumers no longer rely on billboards and TV spots — a.k.a. outbound marketing — to learn about new products, because the web has empowered them. It’s given them alternative methods for finding, buying and researching brands and pro…

Measuring the Impact of Documentaries

Great new research has been released this week on the impact of documentaries on effecting actual change of attitudes and behaviors.  The study looks at three films, “An Inconvenient Truth”, “Waiting for Superman” and “End of the Line” to determine real world value in swaying public opinion.  These unique valuations create metrics that can be used to help fund future documentaries by having hard data when approaching individual investors and foundations. A great new development and resource for documentary producers.  Read the in depth articles:

QR Codes for Mobile Media Distribution

By providing a quick and convenient way to immediately go from a printed page to the web, QR codes provide a new link between the real and web worlds.

Point your phone at a printed page. Take a picture. Get taken to a website. That’s the power of QR codes, codes embedded in print that can link cell phones to specific websites. They’ve been doing this for years in Japan,( over 75% of respondents said they had used QR codes) and now it is emerging in Europe, the US, and all over the world as more and more global citizens have access to mobile phone technology.

Marketing Communications publisher Tim Ward had this to say about QR codes for 2011: “They  add interactivity and trackability to traditionally un-trackable print and outdoor media, as well as a bit of whimsy and mystery to everyday objects and events. What has long been very popular in Asia is finally becoming more prevalent in the North American market. I believe they are poised to grow exponentially here in the US. A recent number I saw said 51% of all Americans will be carrying smartphones in 2011. Smart companies will begin using QR codes in their marketing and communications strategies. I predict that we’ll see a great deal more in the coming year, including greater brand integration in print magazines, more consistent use in outdoor media, and some clever uses at Trade Shows.”  ( see the full article

The usage of QR codes could be helpful to content owners as well to expand audience, track results, and even offer subscription service on a monthly basis as an additional revenue stream.  This is easily achievable by offering subscription payment  using “short code”, a 5 digit number that when entered by the mobile phone user, allows payment for the service and shows up as a charge on the subscribers phone bill.

If you had a second chance at life, would you take it? Sullivan Daniels, an artist known for his extremely detailed and harsh religious paintings and woodcuts, opted for life when faced with terminal cancer. Modern medicine (in the not-too-distant future) has given him a second chance. But now he must deal with the consequences of his decision: His hands can’t draw like before… His wife can’t bear to touch him….. And his pious mother believes he has thwarted God’s will and should have accepted death and the promised life beyond. Having abandoned his faith, Sully must find his way back from the darkness of his life saving decision.

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Filmmaking App Development

As part of Fetcher’s ( on-going commitment as a resource for filmmakers, we are currently in the process of developing a custom built Location Scout App through our mobile department at Gabriel Media Group Inc.(

The idea came to us after  reading Arin Crumley’s  ( tech review article of the Nexus One phone  in Filmmaker Magazine ( where he ponders the question of whether or not a Location Scout App exists – to which, we discovered – there is not a general app!  After reaching out to Arin through his site, he has agreed to consult with us and has provided a great wish list of features.

Although there are some good production apps on the market ( is a good place to start a search for related apps) we have noticed that there are not any good “producer’s toolkit apps”, so we have put that in our development pipeline as well.

We would welcome any feedback on what you (filmmaker, producer, industry professional) would most like to have as a helpful feature in a toolkit app.  Our goal is to release them as an app for iPhone, iPad and Andriod later this year.  Let us know!

Indie Film Distribution

There is certainly a lot of discussion about the changing state of distribution for filmmakers looking for ways to get their film monetized and of course, seen by audiences.  When I first started down the road of creating Fetcher Media as a resource for filmmakers to own and profit from their own content, the words “hybrid distribution” did not even exist.  But that strategy, to spread out various licensing rights ( VOD, DVD, download, theatrical) for your film in order to capitalize on the strengths of different distribution business models and providers and create an revenue streams from those resources is exactly where Fetcher fits in for those filmmakers looking for non-exclusive DVD direct to consumer distribution and fulfillment.

To understand the new world order, there are some great articles and books out there.  I recommend starting with Peter Broderick’s article, “Welcome to the New World of Distribution” which appeared in IndieWire magazine back in September of 2008.  In it he clearly lays out a chart of differences from old world distribution vs. new world distribution.  Most notably, that the old world model leaves the distributor in complete control of the success or failure of the film, and in new world distribution, the filmmaker is in control.  This little difference is a quantum leap from the opportunities available back in the day when I was a struggling filmmaker trying to produce and finance independent films.  Part of my passion for founding Fetcher comes directly from my excitement to try and be a resource in this new landscape. 

Another great resource is “Think Outside the Box Office” by Jon Reiss ( )  who explains “No longer can filmmakers expect someone to come and take their film off their hands and guarantee them theatrical release and full recoupment. Any filmmaker who doesn’t understand the current state of affairs is going to have a rude awakening.”  However, his book is full of how to turn this state of affairs around to the filmmakers advantage, and I hope Fetcher is one resource in that empowerment. 

Japanese star Erika Oda (Kore-edas Cannes smash After Life) stars as Tengan Rei, a young Okinawan woman who kidnaps Paris, the teenage son of a U.S. Marine convicted of raping her when she was a girl. Unlocking their shared histories, Rei and Paris are drawn together, even as the boys father closes in on them. Set against the stunning tropical beauty of Okinawa and the rusted grit of industrial Chicago, The First Breath of Tengan Rei takes viewers on an unforgettable emotional journey.

Erika (After Life) stars as Tengan Rei, a young okinawan woman who journeys to America to confront Nelso (Sean Nix), a U.S. Marine convicted of raping her when she was a girl. Rei kidnaps Nelson’s teenage son Paris (Katori Eason). Uncovering one another’s pasts, Rei and Paris are drawn to each other as Rei Prepares to face Nelson

The Orange Revolution in Ukraine was a massive demonstration of people for democracy and against electoral fraud. Millions braved freezing weather conditions to fight against stolen elections. THE ORANGE CHRONICLES is a powerfully moving and unique examination of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution from the perspective of an intrepid Ukrainian-American filmmaker. Director Damian Kolodiy, criss-crossed the country in the weeks before the remarkable events of 2004 as a volunteer International Election Observer, recording the build-up to what turned out to be one of the most astonishing bloodless political turnarounds in recent history.

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The Living Documents @ Chicago Latino Film Festival

The Living Documents was met with rave reviews at the 26th annual Chicago Latino Film Festival this past weekend. Thank you to everyone who came out. Get involved at or buy it today at